I’m back…

It’s been a few years. About 5 I reckon. But I’ve decided to reboot this blog. Not because I’m going travelling and want to keep people in the loop. Or because I necessarily think I have heaps to say that people should read about. Nor is it for some cathartic ranting. I just enjoy it. And I think I’ve taken some time away from doing things I love of late. Somehow life takes over and I find myself at the age of 33, with things I want to remember I thought or wrote and not forget them. So here we are, I’m back.

I think I’ll do some blogs about travel, some about experiences, some open thinking about situations. I probably won’t get too political. Maybe some movie reviews. Or album/song reviews. Not really sure to be honest. I was chatting to friends a few years ago about restarting a blog and how I thought I could do something entitled ‘single and thirty something’ and talk about my dating life and thoughts on being single or reflections on the 30+ weddings I happened to find myself at in the space of three years. But who wants to read just about that. Sure I’ll whack some of that in here. I think I’ll just chat about whatever is on my mind.

Anyway it’s cool to be back. Whether for 1 reader or 100.

B x

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