Hard Feet

I Am The Wayfarer


16 days of walking brings me to just under halfway of my journey to Santiago de Compostela. The mountains have given way to expansive plains and, although my phone is no SLR  camera, I think the picture does the past few days’ scenery justice. I find myself in awe of the massiveness of it all.

It has been a bit of strange week weather wise, for the first 4 days the temperature hardly peaked above 10 ℃ and now it is 27℃ with clear skies. We have slept in barns, churches, nunneries and a very strange man’s house.

I was speaking with a friend recently who said the Camino can be split into 3 stages. The First is the physical challenge, tall mountains, rolling hills and a body screaming for mercy as you relentlessly drive yourself forward. The Second is the mental challenge, monotonous days of walking on exposed flat…

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