Transiberian Experience

An email sent home to my friend Jess’s family whilst we had been travelling on the transiberian train through russia back in March this year; think it sums up our experience wonderfully:

“Just arrived in Moscow!
Had an awesome 4 nights on the train! The World’s happiest and smilest toddler was in the cabin next to us when we got on. He spent the next 24 hours sticking his head around our door grinning at us! His family sadly got off the train after 1 night.
Our guide in Irkutsk failed to mention that food (a 2 course hot meal per day) was included in our train ticket. As we stocked up at the supermarket before we got on the train, we had sooo much food to get through – we really had nothing else to do however so eating has been our main activity. When we’re not eating, we’re trying to work out what time it is (the train runs on Moscow time, but as we’ve passed through about 6 different time zones, local time is constantly changing). When we’ve got some vague idea of the time, we try to justify if it’s time to eat again. In between meals we’ve been reading, napping, watching the snow covered fields and forests whiz past the windows, drinking vodka mixed with orange juice, trying to communicate in Russian/charades, playing cards with some of the Russians in our carriage (a 25 year old army guy named Evenig; a 30 something chief engineer named Igor, who didn’t really approve of my choice of university degree, but was nice enough, even though he keep cheating with his cards; a 30 something Russian man named Dimon who fought in Chechnya, hates the government and wants to permanently leave Russia, but can’t do so for at least 5 years because he works with nuclear weapons and knows too much information – side note: he had the best laugh and is also apparently a wrestler and didn’t wear a shirt the entire 3 days he was on the train). It was kind of hilarious. Our carriage attendant was a lovely women and even vacuumed once a day!
Looking forward to walking around Moscow and stretching my legs!
Hope you are all well!
Love Jess xoxo”







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