Milford Sound

Te Anau is a pleasant but small town that seemingly thrives off the neighbouring and surrounding attractions. It does however have its own little wonderful secrets too.

After our first night we drove down to Milford sound. It was a miserable day which made me wonder why there was point in going. But I do love rain, and unthought of -from me- the rain meant that all the waterfalls were going to be AMAZING!!

The drive to Milford sound itself is beautiful. Even in the rain. We stopped off at various places on the way including the ‘chasm’ a roaring and rushing waterfall that was pretty impressive. We drove through a single file tunnel that felt like it had only just been dug! Water falling from all directions even inside it. Dark, very dim lighting but very impressive. Especially coming out the other side and turning around to look at the mountain you just came through. Loads of temporary waterfalls falling from the current rains. Quite spectacular.

We boarded a boat into the mist and fog of Milford sound for a 2 hour tour. With complimentary hot drinks and wrapped up in waterproofs we braved most of the journey being outdoors. It was worth it. The waterfalls were really quite something! 


I didn’t think it would be right to go to Milford sound and not stand under a waterfall so on the second time that the boat shoved it’s nose right into the waterfall me and mum stood (by ourselves) at the front of the boat and proceeded to get absolutely soaked. That one dollar poncho not quite kicking it. I suppose I was wearing jeans – Idiot – So the poncho can’t take all the blame.

The boat took us down one side, out into the choppy tasman sea and then back in the other side. Was quite a laugh and glad we did it. The sun started to peep through towards the end and was properly out on our drive back to Te Anau. Seems we got the best of both worlds.


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