Drawing to a close

Its hard to sum up about my time in Borneo. I think that predominantly I will feel most of the impact it has had on my life once I return to the UK.


I have met some incredible people and learnt an awful lot about myself in a new and very different cultural environment.


The country itself has been warm and welcome. Not once have I felt unsafe or unwelcome. The people are smiley and kind and the culture is relaxed and surrounded by beautiful land.


I am sad to be leaving this place I have called home for the last 3-4 months. Mostly sad to be leaving the wonderful new friends I have made. It really has become like one big family out here.


We celebrated our end of expedition in style. Firstly the venturers had a leaving do with a closing ceremony involving all the project partners attendance and also the ministry of youth and sport in Sabah.


We all stayed in a lovely hotel on the beach and had a party really! It was sad to say goodbye to the venturers and in my case Tim who was off to Perth to meet with Sam mum and dad for Christmas.


After they had left the PM’s had a party of our own. Firstly an awards night that involved a lot of drinking and long talks. And secondly a recovery 2 days on the beautiful island of Palau Tiga about 3 hours south of Kota Kinabalu. It was the first survivor island in the ‘survivor’ American series. A truly beautiful place to celebrate the end of what has been an incredible 3 months together.


With a heavy heart, but much excitement I leave Borneo for Sydney Australia and Christmas time with our cousins down under….







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