Surprise Visit

Tomorrow I am going on an unexpected trip up to the north of Sabah to a town called Kota Marudu. 


I am accompanying/driving a lady called Zed who is out here working for Raleigh on the future developments, strategies and visions of Raleigh Borneo.


We shall be attending meetings tomorrow afternoon with local partners and then staying overnight in a hotel in Kota Marudu. 


On Friday we are being driven by a local guide called Eddy to see previous project sites where Raleigh have worked specifically constructing gravity water feed systems. After this we will go to visit and stay a night with Alpha 2 (where Tim is!) and see the progress of their work in a very small village where they are also constructing a gravity water feed system!!


I am excited and privileged to be given this opportunity to get more of an insight into the future of Raleigh Borneo, and also to get out of the office and see Tim!


The loop team have already visited Alpha 2 and they got very stuck on the roads coming both in and out of the village. So much so that they had to come back tofield base  as the back of the landrover had a window smash!! Was all a bit of drama but they seemed to have found it a fun experience and we waved them off to Aloha 3 at 6am this morning for the final leg if the loop 🙂


Looking forward to this unexpected trip and will report back in at the weekend!!



The returned landrover. Alpha 2 and the locals had to come and help dig it out! 




The smashed back window!



The loop team for phase one ready to leave again this morning at 6am with related and cleaned land rover and smiles all round!!  

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