I had that experience last night that people only seem to ever experience in movies. You know the movie where you sit next to a complete stranger on a plane or a train or a bus and then end up talking for hours and hours telling each other stories about the most in depth parts of your life. Like the proper personal stuff, and the couple just seem to click from the word go. And then in the movie they fall in love and then somehow after the journey finishes the two people manage to find their way back to each other over a period of time. Sometimes a week, sometimes a year or two, but the whole rest of the film becomes about how they end up meeting up again or staying in touch and becoming part of each others lives and falling in love.


Anyway I sat next to Alex. Weirdly he had just been to the electric forest festival in Michigan for the weekend. Which is where I had been with Sam and camille. We obviously didn’t bump into each other there. There were tens of thousands of people. But yeah; as I walked into union station in Chicago to get my 2 day train to Seattle, he was the person I first saw to ask whether the line he was in was the line for the train B13. It was…


Then we continued to queue in silence. The guy scanning our tickets gave us respective coloured tickets dependent on our final destination was. The coloured tickets represented the carriages we were to go to. Me and Alex were put in the same carriage. We then sat pretty much opposite each other on either side of the train. The attendant came through who told us we were both sat in seats designated for people travelling in groups of 2 persons or more, and we’d need to move at some point to being in the right section otherwise she may have to move us in the middle of the night at a random station where a group got on. We said we’d both move later on. And then after she was gone Alex mentioned that we should just become a group ourselves. And so we did.


That’s basically the story of how the moment occurred. But yeah. He was getting off at 2am at a stop called staples, Minnesota. We talked pretty much the whole journey and it was awesome. I most definitely fell in love with the moment and the situation and it is by far the best ever experience I have had of meeting someone on a train before in my life. Any explanation of why or what we spoke about, wouldn’t give the occasion justice. I hope some day we’ll see each other again. In the semi likelihood that we won’t. I think it’s pretty safe to say I fell in love for a night. And now here I am continuing on my journey to Seattle with an empty seat next to me, most definitely feeling like I’m in a movie and wondering what got written next.

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