Another day at sea…

Day 3: Monday 27th May 2013

 Today has been pretty chilled. It’s astounding how exhausted you can get by doing practically nothing. It seems as if I am constantly waiting for the next occasion to eat. Everyday they have some sort of 50% sale on various items. Yesterday was make up and toiletries etc, today was handbags and purses. After browsing around what’s appropriately called the ‘Mayfair shops’ (mainly because of the prices) we settled in a coffee bar area. Here we ordered coffee (funnily enough) and just like on land coffee chains we were given a loyalty stamp card. I think after about 10 coffees we get one for free. It’s very exciting.

 Onboard most cruise ships you register a bank card. It’s is then synchronised with your room key, and therefore your room key becomes a way to pay for any extras you want onboard… This is fine. However it is a little dangerous! At the moment just mums bank card is registered… Last time we cruised together the same thing happened and the bill at the end of the cruise was rather a ghastly site. It’s a rather clever ploy not to have people spend with their actual cards/cash onboard. Very clever Cunard, very clever.

 The afternoon consisted of lunch (more food) and then we were invited to an early evening cocktail reception with the captain and other onboard crew. Met the captain, nice fellow, had a photo. Then settled with a nice glass of wine to be introduced to other members of the crew and bridge. He gave some pretty interesting statistics about all the people onboard. There are about 80 nationalities of people within the crew alone. Pilipino, Indian, South African and polish are to name but a few! Amongst the guests the Americans win in population at over 1000, and we come in second with about 800.

 After the nice reception we went for dinner (told you it’s ALL about food here) then we went to see a show called viva Italia. The onboard dancers/actors/singers performed for about an hour all things Italian. Opera, ballet, masquerade, comeddia del’arte type stuff. The costumes were pretty insane. And I was rather impressed to be honest! Sipped through another strong mojito then went to the cabin to chill before going to see the play ‘pride and prejudice’ performed by RADA. Unfortunately we chilled a little too much and fell asleep. So missed the show and went to bed instead!

 Another very relaxed day at sea…

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